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Erva Products
Most of our metal products are from one supplier - Erva. Erva is a family operated Chicago based manufacturer of quality metal backyard bird products. Using American steel and American labor, 95% of their sturdy, long lasting products are produced in their Chicago factory. Remember…buying USA made products supports American families while reducing our carbon footprint. All painted steel products are powder coated, products we have used for the past twenty plus years in our own feeding stations. They have not rusted or faded in color in decades of use!

Copper Tint S-Hook 3"

Light duty 1/8" wire S-Hooks are great for hanging small feeders & decorations.

This S-Hook is 3" long.

Copper Tint Finish over galvanized wire.

Extremely Durable.

15# Capacity.

Made in USA.

This S-Hook is perfect for hanging red hummingbird feeders!

3" Copper Tint S-Hook

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Red Tint S-Hook 8"

Light duty 1/8" wire S-Hooks are great for hanging small feeders & decorations.

This S-Hook is 8" long.

Red Tint Finish over galvanized wire.

Extremely Durable.

15# Capacity.

Made in USA

This S-Hook is perfect for hanging red hummingbird feeders!

8" Red Tint S-Hook
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Branch Hook - 12"

1/4" Steel Wire, 12" Long, Black Branch Hook with green vinyl end caps.

Fits over branch limbs up to 6" .

50# Capacity per Hang Point

12" Branch Hook

Window Hangers

Our versatile Window Hangers allow you to mount existing feeders directly to any window. Here’s how to place a window hanger:

  1. Clean the window area where you are going to place the hanger.
  2. Soak the suction cups in warm water for a few minutes to warm and soften them.
  3. Dry thoroughly and then rub the suction cups across your forehead, nose or back of the ears to apply a tiny amount of facial oil to the cups. Only use facial oil – do not use food grade or machine type oils!
  4. Apply the cups to the window and press to remove any air bubbles. The hook stays in place up to 6 months at a time.
  5. Repeat every six months or as needed.
  6. All our window suction cups are UV stable, so they hold up and last better than lesser quality cups.

Great Hang Up Window Hook is a polycarbonate hook that actually sticks to your windows using superstrong UV stable suction cups. It holds up to three pounds, making it ideal to turn most hanging hummingbird feeders (or other lightweight feeders) into window mounted hummingbird feeders.

Holds up to 3 pounds. Made of super-strong UV stabilized polycarbonate.

Hang up or down. Works great for hanging bird feeders and plants.

  • Use to hang small bird feeders
  • Use to hang small plant

Window Suction Cup Hanger

Ideal for hanging bird feeders, plants, wind chimes and ornaments.

Three suction cups keeps hanger firmly attached to window.

Small diameter - doesn't restrict view from window.

Hook rotates - allows you to locate for best viewing.

Holds up to 5 pounds comfortably.


All Purpose Window Hanger attaches by two sturdy suction cups.

Manufactured using UV polycarbonate and UV stable suction cups.

Use it for hummingbird feeders, fruit feeders, wind chimes, etc.

S hook included.

8” x 7”

This window hanger will hold up to 5 pounds.  

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